Meet Scruffy!

Found wandering in a field, skinny, shaggy fur matted with undergrowth and covered in cigarette burns, Scruffy was in a bit of a sorry state just over a year ago! He was taken in by the local dog’s home, tidied up a bit, assessed and put up for rehoming.

He was taken on by Mel, who says the first time he took Scruffy for a walk (in their dog walking field thank goodness!), he got off the lead and made a bolt for it, and it took them ages to capture him again. Once back at his kennel, he walked off without a backwards glance, but when Mel came back the following day, he was greeted like a long lost friend!

They have been virtually inseparable ever since. To begin with Scruffy cowered down if Mel picked up anything that looked like a stick, and if he raised his voice Scruffy would roll over in submission, licking his lips nervously. He got aggressive if anyone tried to take his ball off him or grabbed him by the collar, and would not do anything he was asked. Any ball or toy would be destroyed within minutes! One time he destroyed an ‘indestructible’ glowing ball, eating the ball and leaving just the flashing usb on the garden!

Just over one year later, Scruffy plays ball happily, understanding the difference between ‘Sit’ and ‘Lie Down’ from hand signals, and is constantly watching everything, trying new things and learning. If we are ignoring him when he wants to play ball, he will place the ball very carefully on our feet or the chair and his acrobatic skills when catching the ball are quite something else!

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